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Thousands of listings

We have plenty of information about places for seniors to live, take care of themselves, and find helpful resources all across the country. This can help you if you're looking for a different place for yourself or someone you care about. You can look through the listings on your own, or our experienced advisors can help you by giving useful information and making it easy for you to connect with the places you like.

Detailed amenities and photos

Many listings have pictures and details to help you make decisions. You can look through the listings and save the ones you like in one document that's easy to print. Or, you can fill out a form online to get lots of information, like how much it costs and if there's space available, directly from the places you find interesting. This makes it simpler for you to find what you're looking for.

Not sure where to start?

We offer a diverse selection of articles and resources aimed at supporting various facets of senior care, providing valuable assistance tailored to your specific needs. Among our offerings is the Evaluation Tool, a helpful starting point designed to assist you in determining the most suitable housing or personal care solution for yourself or your loved one.

Additionally, we provide a set of practical checklists, available for printing, to serve as guides during your community tours, aiding you in the comprehensive evaluation of senior living communities.

Learn about senior living and senior care

Independent Living

Senior communities with the needs and interests of independent senior adults in mind.


Assisted Living

Communities designed for the individual needs of seniors who require help with the daily activities of living.


Memory Care

Specialized communities where the care and housing for Alzheimer's/dementia patients is tailored to these needs.


Nursing Homes

These centers provide elderly residents with a high level of personalized medical services.


Home Care

Provides health care or personal care services in the home with the assistance of a home care agency.


Hospice Care

Special care designed to provide compassion and support to individuals who are in the final phases of the aging process.


Senior Apartments

Apartment living providing independent lifestye while offering a moderate level of assistance.


Continuing Care

Residential campuses with a range of care that will increase proprtionally as needed.


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