About Us

Since 1992, Residential Marketing Concepts, Inc. has provided senior housing and care information to families and healthcare professionals under the name Alternatives for Seniors. The foremost goal of the company’s Alternatives for Seniors resource directories — published online and in print — is to present consumers with a source of well-organized and clearly presented senior housing and care services information.

Considering today’s aging nationwide population, and the increasingly complex range of housing and service options targeted to the growing senior market, there is a great need for direct access to the information. Our audience (seniors, their family members, their loved ones) is a growing audience and we cater to their need of quality information and assistance in three ways: in print, online, and via telephone.

The Alternatives for Seniors Information Center — (888) 904-1990 — provides free assistance to seniors or their family members trying to determine the level of care or service needed. Our knowledgeable Information Specialists, working under the direction of a Certified Senior Advisor, are committed to helping sort through the many options available then direct the caller to the appropriate care based on need, geography, cost, and other considerations.

Alternatives for Seniors is dedicated to helping seniors, senior care professionals, and senior living communities nationwide.


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