5 Benefits of Senior Living Communities

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Why Some Seniors Prefer Senior Living Communities to Living Alone

There’s no place like home. Few truer words have ever been spoken. So when it comes time to consider a residential move, it’s rarely ever an easy decision to make; especially if you’re a senior citizen leaving the familiarity of your own home to move to one of the senior living communities.

For some people, the idea of senior living evokes images of nursing homes with a sterile setting, white walls, hospital beds, and nurses. Maybe that was the case 50 or more years ago, but the truth is, senior living communities have changed significantly over the years. Today, senior living communities range from cozy and homelike to luxurious and they definitely don’t feel institutional. That’s why many seniors who have moved to senior living communities, whether a senior apartment or an independent-living, assisted-living, or other continuing-care community, have found they prefer life at the community to living alone.

Here’s 5 reasons why:

  1. No more home maintenance or yard work

    Our golden years should be spent resting, relaxing and enjoying retirement from a life of labor; especially at a time in life when our bodies might be slowing or ailing. Life in a senior community means no more snow shoveling or cutting grass. No more vacuuming and dusting. Just time spent doing the things you like to do.
  2. Being social and having fun

    Older adults who live alone often feel isolated. At a senior living community, seniors can make friends, eat meals together, and enjoy the holidays with one another. There’s also a great number of entertainment choices and activities available for seniors to choose from; both on-site and off. Movies, games, reading groups, scheduled social activities and the like.
  3. Family relationships improve

    With a move to any of the senior living communities, the children and family members of seniors are liberated from their role as caregiver, and seniors are relieved of any guilt they may have felt for leaning on their family members. Visits become a time to enjoy each other’s company; not a time to work and provide care for senior family members.
  4. Feeling safer

    Residents living in a senior community can rest easy knowing they’re safe from burglars, con-men, and other reprehensible characters that might show up at their doorstep. Residents can also enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing emergency response systems are in place to help them 24-hours-a-day, seven days a week should they need medical assistance.
  5. Improved diet

    Because of the decreasing physical abilities that come with age, many seniors who live alone can’t prepare proper meals for themselves and their diet and health suffers. At senior living communities, residents don’t have to go grocery shopping, prepare meals, or even brew coffee. Instead, they can relax and eat great tasting food that meets their dietary requirements all week long.

These are merely 5 of the many reasons that seniors have found they prefer life in a senior living community over living alone. To learn more about senior living options, visit AlternativesforSeniors.com.

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writer: Ryan Allen