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We are the leading Surgeon based provider of Wound Management Services

Wound Care Surgeons specialize in feeding tube replacement, maintenance, and surgical wound consult services. We deliver our services to our patients at their bedside reducing time, energy, and costs for the patients, insurance companies, and their caregivers. Our team of specialists visits the patients at their locations to assess and treat chronic non-healing wounds. Our services are available to residents of the Southern California State including the Los Angeles County, Ventura County, San Bernardino County, Orange County, Riverside County, and San Diego County.

Because Wound Care Surgeons provides expert wound care services wherever the patient resides, we save time and eliminate the cost of co-pays and transportation expenses, admission rates to hospital for patients and their PCPs and reduce costs for insurance providers.

We accept all kind of wounds and ulcers for consult and management so that home health nurses can have wound specialist orders for shorter healing of simple and complex wounds of any etiology. We debride wounds under local anesthesia and use various modalities post debridement to heal wounds faster. We decrease wound size extension by enhancing nutrition, decrease risk of infection and place patients on proper antibiotics, minimize trauma, pain, hospitalization and increase patient quality of life by allograft application.

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