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Special Needs Planning

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When you care for and support a child with special needs, you know that caregiving is a lifetime job. But whose lifetime? Most vulnerable dependents with disabilities will outlive their parents. Whether your child is 10, 21, or 41, the question “What will happen to my loved one when I am gone?” takes on profound meaning when you care for a child or adult with disabilities.

Estate and financial planning for a person with a disability is like no other type of planning – it is specialized. It ensures that your child with a disability will always have a friend, advocate and protector of their legal rights. Unless you put the right plan in place now, their governmental benefits can be altered, diminished or even destroyed after you pass. Our Troy estate planning lawyers at BRMM can prevent this from happening – we can work with you to create a solid plan that provides for your loved one long after you are gone.

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