How to Improve Your Mental and Physical Well-Being as a Senior

How to Improve Your Mental and Physical Well-Being as a Senior

When it comes to improving your quality of life as a senior, the key is to accept responsibility and take positive steps towards improving your mental and physical well-being. Today, Alternatives for Seniors has some tips to help you implement healthy changes that will positively impact your everyday life.

Focus on Being Physically Active

As a senior, incorporating exercise into your daily routine is paramount.
Your exercise routine should include the following:

  •   Stretching all major muscle groups, namely back, arms, legs, chest, shoulders, and abdomen.

  •   Basic bodyweight exercises such as wall push-ups, squats, single-leg balance, sit-ups, and more.

  •   Aerobic activities such as taking a brisk walk around the neighborhood,
       climbing a flight of stairs, cycling, or any other activity of your choice.


As reported by the Family Doctor, regular exercise will help in:

  •   Promoting better and happier moods

  •   Reducing the risk of falls

  •   Improving blood flow and stamina

  •   Increasing strength

To help you get the recommended amount of exercise your body needs to stay fit and active, consider investing in home products such as exercise equipment. An exercise bike, for example, makes it easier to get some daily activity accomplished even when the weather is poor. Because there are so many exercise products available, be sure to read reviews first to make sure you’re making a wise purchase.


Exercise Your Mind

Along with physical activity, Bitbrain notes that it is also important to stimulate your mind. This can involve indulging in activities such as reading books, having discussions with others, learning new skills, or playing challenging games such as Sudoku, crossword, etc.

Additionally, this can also include investing time in your favorite hobbies such as:

  •   Journaling

  •   Arts & Crafts

  •   Playing an Instrument

  •   Knitting

  •   Gardening

  •   Learning a Language

By constantly exercising your mind, you’ll remain cognitively sound, have strong decision-making skills and reduce the likelihood of mishaps due to being absent-minded. This is just one of the reasons why many seniors go back to school in retirement. There are many potential benefits in doing so, from financial gain to better mental health. Whether you opt to become a tutor or just want to feel better or grow personally, teaching is a great option, especially if courses are offered online. When you research the programs available online, here's a good option, as tuition for this accredited bachelor’s in education is affordable and locked in.


Sign up for Medicare

As you age, you become eligible for various health and wellness programs. The most important of these is Medicare, which you become eligible for when you turn 65. A federal health insurance program, Medicare makes healthcare costs much more affordable for seniors, however it can be difficult to navigate the application and benefits processes.


Maintain Strong Social Bonds

Seniors experience various major changes such as retirement, losing their child-caring duties, downsizing, health issues, loss of family or friends, etc. Naturally, these experiences over time will take a toll on one’s mental health. But, this burden can be managed through having a strong social support system.

Having people you trust will provide a healthy outlet to discuss your feelings, fears, and thoughts. Additionally, they can provide you with advice on how to overcome challenges or direct you to others who can help you. This will also help in reducing the feeling of loneliness, isolation, and depression which are infamously common among seniors.


Have a Sense of Purpose

A sense of purpose is often described as a driving force that motivates people to achieve set goals. This can include excelling at work, being a good parent, etc. Post-retirement, individuals often struggle to find a purpose which can then lead to stress, uncertainty, and strain on physical health.

If you’re currently trying to find a new purpose, answering the following questions will help you greatly:

  •   What activities do I enjoy the most?

  •   How can I utilize the skills that I’ve learned over the years?

  •   What is the type of lifestyle I want to maintain in the future?

  •   In what ways can I still contribute to society?

As reported by the Berger Institute, having a purpose leads to higher levels of happiness, better mental health and helps reduce cognitive decline and risk of Alzheimer’s.

If you’re looking for an outlet that incorporates all the attributes mentioned above, look no further than starting a business. Running your business will provide you with new mental challenges to deal with daily, in addition to providing a platform to utilize your skills and continue being a contributing member of society. If you’re curious about how to start an LLC, or limited liability company, as your business structure, formation service resources can help. They can walk you through the steps of business formation, as well as filing the necessary paperwork with your state.

A funding alternative to grants is to find a partner who will share the costs and responsibilities associated with the business. Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals will create a positive work environment and increase the likelihood of having a successful endeavor.

By incorporating these habits, you will experience a noticeable improvement in your quality of life. To reap the full benefits of your efforts, strive to be consistent and view your health as a top priority.


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