Meal Delivery Post Hospital Discharge Proves to be Beneficial

When a patient is discharged from the hospital, the healing isn't over: in fact, the healing is just beginning. 

The hospital will send the patient home with medication instructions, exercise instructions and, of course, nutrition instructions.  But many older individuals go home to an empty house with minimal help.  It is no surprise that proper nutrition can be lacking.  Without a hospital discharge meals plan in place for the patient, healing may take longer than expected.  Worse, the patient can wind up back in the hospital in a weakened state due to lack of proper nutrition.

It is well known that those persons discharged from the hospital who have a meal plan in place recover more quickly and return to the hospital less often after discharge.  A temporary meal delivery plan scheduled with a meal deivery company will take away the concerns for those caregivers and family members who are charged with helping the older adults in their lives recover from a hospital stay.

Many meal delivery programs or Meals on Wheels offer lots of options for seniors, like gluten free, low-sodium, kosher meal preparation, no red meat, etc. So the patient can follow Doctor's orders by communicating dietary restrictions to the providers.

Often, if necessary, a meal provider, such as Global Meals, can deliver for one week, two weeks or whatever amount of time it is necessary for the hospital discharged patient to get back to good health.  The meal provider becomes an important part of the care team for the discharged patient.  And, many offer lots of options on their menus allowing for different tastes and preferences.  The meal delivery company can take the worry off the shoulders of the families of seniors when they are discharged from the hospital.

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BLOG Date: Friday, March 10, 2017