Finding Your Perfect Retirement Spot Based on Weather Preferences



Finding Your Perfect Retirement Spot Based on Weather Preferences


No two people are the same, so when it is time to retire, some want to relocate to sunny beaches, others to cooler climates, and some just look for places where they can spend time doing what they love. Before you find your perfect spot to retire to when the time comes, there are several factors that you need to take into consideration to make sure that you made the right decision. In this article, we look at several factors that can aid in picking out your perfect retirement spot.

What are Your Retirement Goals?

Well before you have reached retirement age, you will have set up a plan to make sure this time in your life goes as smoothly as possible. Now is the time to unearth those plans and put them into action.

Some of the things your plans will consider are:

•  Downsizing or Upsizing:
    Do you want to move into a bigger home, or do you want a smaller more intimate place for you and your partner?

•  Lifestyle Change:
    How drastic is this lifestyle change going to be?
    You need to remember that living where you love to vacation may be a better idea in theory rather than in real life.

•  Your Loved Ones:
    Do you want to live closer to family and friends, or do you want to move
    somewhere more remote and visit on special occasions?

•  Your Taxes:
    Some states are more tax-friendly than others and won’t tax pension income or Social Security.
    Remember to also consider sales and property taxes

•  Working Post-Retirement:
    It doesn’t necessarily mean working the same job as previously, but
    focusing on a passion project or less stressful job options.


Look at Your Budget

Before you move it would helpful to take stock of your funds and budgets.

•  How much do you have in your retirement savings, 401K, healthcare savings and social security?

•  Take stock of your other saving avenues - such as emergency funds, disaster funds, and savings in general.

•  Look at the cost of living where you currently live and in the area you want to move to, to make a fare assessment.


Retirement Living Options

When you decide to retire there are several living options that you can choose to use based on your needs and wants. There are many states that are popular among retirees, so you would have to decide on the type of homestead you would prefer.

•  Retirement Homes and Assisted Living:
    These are living arrangements that are specifically designed to cater to the needs of people
    who are retiring or those who need aid for health conditions they develop as they get older.

•  Living on Your Own:
    This is also a viable option for those who want to live in comfort and remote settings

•  Renting vs Buying a Place:
    Due rising costs of property, choosing to rent or own a place of their own is based on their budget.


What to Look Out for When You’re Moving

•  Amenities:
    How close are supermarkets, hospitals, restaurants, and other spaces you need easy access to?

•  Activities:
    Retirement doesn’t mean giving into a laid-back lifestyle all the time, you can get into some age-appropriate
    sports such as golf, bowling, or even tennis. If you enjoy engaging in activities such as this, the area you
    move to should have access to these facilities nearby.

•  Special interests and Hobbies:
    Joining groups with like-minded individuals and joining in activities and outings with them.
    This includes book clubs, knitting, or even gardening clubs


The Weather that is Preferable for Retirees

Some retirees prefer to move to areas where there is brighter and warmer weather. Before you make this move you need to look at the climate history of the area you want to move to.

For example, the state of Florida is a preferable place for retirees to move to, not only is it tax-friendly for them, it has great weather. Sarasota County is a retirement hotspot thanks to its close proximity to the beach, but it is important to note that the relevant climate data shows that there is great weather for this area but it can be prone to tropical storms - and you need to have plans in place to prepare for it.


Pay a Visit to the Area

Before you sign off on an area you want to move to, it is a good idea to pay a visit to the area to gauge how it would be to live there. Vacations show you the highlights of the area, but if you are moving there full-time you will experience life on the other side of the curtain, and that is something that can be harder to adjust to.

Adapting to change at this point in your life can be difficult to adjust to. That is why it is important to acclimate yourself to these aspects which can make your transition to a new area much easier.



Moving when you retire is a decision that cannot be taken lightly. You will need to take into consideration your financial situation, the weather in the areas you are considering, and if the area is suitable for your retirement needs - including healthcare and entertainment. When moving to a new space in your retirement, it is important that comfort is one of your top priorities as it is a time in your life to relax and unwind.


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Kevin Fagan

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